The New Normal

Christopher Moore

Good news!

All of our suppliers have returned back to work. It's not without it's delays but basically what we need, we order and maybe a day or two late it arrives. I say what we order, the supply chain has been badly set back. With the reliance on China of being the 'workhouse of the world' I can see genuine supply problems as soon as mainstream shops and business get to full swing with 20 weeks being the average lead time on a vast number of goods from the far east.

So the new normal, will last for some time I fear. Yes, we are going to slip into a deep and hopefully very short recession. The only light in this darkness is that it affects everyone across the world to a lesser or greater extent, the quicker we can bounce back, the less impact it will have on everyone.

Some business will fail. New businesses will spring up and replace them, yes, it could be a very good time to start a new business if you are brave enough and with unemployment both here in the UK and US spiking with little prospects short-term that might be the case for a number of people. Home based business might become the norm with shops and social distancing making the 'retail experience' a sterile and lonely chore.

I never thought I would say it, but, I now hate spending money in a shop. Being barked at by a person the other day wearing rubber gloves, surgical mask, face shield, behind a perspex screen and then being screamed 'KEEP BACK!' and being given the  both hands pushing away gesture, displaying one hand in a rubber glove and the other not, why one in and one out heaven knows. Anyway, it was not a good way of answering when you say pardon and cup your ear because you are a little hard of hearing. Needless to say that's one establishment I have been a regular twice weekly customer of thirty years, spending on a varage £30 a visit, £3,000 a year,  I will not be venturing in there again.

On a lighter point It amazes me just how many Oven Cleaners we have sold since all this lot started. In many ways the extended groups of products we have sold for the past twelve years under the Giftzouk and CJ Outlet trading names have kept our heads above water and I thank you, our loyal customers for that.

So it's onward and upward. Socially distanced and safe delivery all the way.

Keep safe!

Chris Moore

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