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Photo by Sajjad Hussain MIn the clothes label business our busiest time of the year is July and August in the UK. This year's busy spell started early, orders started going up in June, a lot of people had purchased their kid's school uniforms early due to being in lockdown and buying them online.

Last year we had a small break in August and found ourselves in the beautiful capital city of Edinburgh for the Tattoo, we were hoping to do the same this year until Covid 19 shut down all the fun. Last year we just shut the shop down for 4 days went, enjoyed ourselves, came back and picked up where we left it.

What a difference this year, we had to shut the shop down because we couldn't keep up with the orders. I never thought we could deal with 300 orders in one day, we did but only at the expense of the following day's orders, the poor postman's face to find over 300 C5 envelopes waiting for him first thing in the morning.

Peak has certainly been fun, we brought a new machine earlier in the year, I immediately through we had made a big mistake as the lockdown was declared, but thank goodness we did, that 50% increase in capacity was well and truly need.

So in parting, may I thank all of our customers this year so far, the buy again from last year, the buy every year and the first buy this year, for purchasing from us. We are nothing without you all.

Photo by Sajjad Hussain M from Burst

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