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Having been in the jewellery trade for over 40 years, I'm somewhat confused that I have to make a statement on this subject.

We do not accept returns on earrings made for pierced earring unless they arrived damaged or have a manufacturing or materials defect.

It's a matter of hygiene, as with all piercings they can come in contact with blood and or bacteria. We cannot 'steralise' the products returned so to protect our customers and ourselves we cannot take the items back and therefore cannot refund them. This is a jewellery trade standard. Please note, it  includes even if they have not been 'worn'.

Whilst we trust our customers, unfortunately some 'unworn' item are worn and returned for a refund when purchased for a specific event, it's not uncommon for clothing returned to clothing chains 'unworn' to be returned with food and red wine stains. We ourselves have had item sent back to us encrusted with food in the past, making them unsaleable.

We have had an incident recently with pierced earrings which we know were purchased for a specific event, as we had to get them for to the customer for a specific date. A week later we were contacted to take them back as they were 'no longer needed' after the event. Because of this, and the exchange of emails involved, we needed to add this statement on the site for the purposes of clarity.

The above does not affect your statutory rights.

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