Might Be The Last Chance For A While

Christopher Moore Covid-19 Store News

As ever still well, although nursing a bad back, we're still posting out orders as we should, however...

We are now running short on the material to make the sew-in clothes labels. The situation is made worse as the only supplier of this material in the UK is currently on lockdown and whilst we know they have stock, there is no one there to send it. So as soon as we run out, we will be marking the listings as sold out but they will return when all this, is all over.

Everything is available on the site that is not marked Sold Out. Anything marked Sold Out will return as soon as we can get stock.

The iron on clothes labels we sell come from another supplier, they are still working and we have plenty of stock, in fact a new consignment reached us yesterday.

Stay safe everyone.

Chris Moore.

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