Green Packaging Investment.

Christopher Moore

We are always keen to 'Save the Planet' and reuse packaging, when we can and if feasible to do so.

 Larger items come in 'pre-used' boxes and with pre-used packing, when available.

 The same goes for smaller items, but we do have to use new boxes on quite a lot of consignments these days, they are of course recyclable and re-useable.

 Our subcontracted suppliers for mugs and T shirts also work in the same way.

 In all we try to be as green as we can and try to keep new plastic packaging usage as low as possible.

 One area that has been a cause of concern for us is the bobbins that we use for our Sew In Clothes Labels.  They come in a 'storage solution' for you, the customer, which also protects them in the post. Two years ago we started to use a card bobbin as a neat, easy and green solution. Unfortunately, at the start of the year, these bobbins became unavailable for times and have increased price in stages by 40% which we have absorbed. During the times that we were unable to buy them, there appears to be only one UK distributor, we had to use a plastic bobbin and in some case three to an order. We were not happy doing this and sought a solution.

 Covid 19 then raised its ugly head and the trade shows that we were going to attend, disappeared. Whilst we continued working through the lockdown, stocks of our consumables went up and down, we were still able to buy plastic bobbins and then with the easing of lockdown card bobbin became available again, with that 40% rise on last year price. We have now sought a solution to offer a recyclable bobbin.

 We've brought a machine to make our own and once the stocks of our Kraft card bobbins run out, we will be supplying our Sew In Clothes Labels on our own in-house made card bobbins which are recyclable and indeed made from UK sourced, UK made recycled card.

 Always trying to be better… ClothesLabels.UK



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