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Christopher Moore Covid-19 Store News

We are still well, still posting out out our products but we are now moving to a 2 day lead time on fulfilment. This is purely because the fulfillment service, the warehouse,  we use is having to adapt to the business climate and availability of staff. Of course we will send your orders just as quickly as we can and whilst we quote two days to assemble and pack your order, if we can do it quicker, we will do.

Personalised gifts are currently running at a maximum of 7 days before being sent, again this comes down to having the skilled staff available to complete the order, social distancing etc.

Clothes labels, we still have medium available but stock are starting to run down now quite quickly and our suppliers have closed until they feel safe to re open their businesses so once the materials have run out, that will be it. Currently order before noon and your order is still despatched same day.

Crafters garment care labels, still good availablity of materials but it appears crafters in the UK and Norway  are working away like crazy over the last couple of days. Again when we run out of materials, we will be waiting for the suppliers to start up again. Currently order before noon and the care labels are sent out same day.

We are constantly adapting to this situation. We will survive. Keep Safe.

Chris Moore.

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