Capacity Increased!

Christopher Moore Store News

With a website name of ClothesLabels.UK you would expect our 'stock-in trade' to be clothes labels and yes, you would be right.

We sell thousands and thousands of Iron on Clothes ID labels and kilometres of sew in labels every year.

We started with one resin printer and added another last year. Now has come to the time to add to our printing capacity and following our visit to the Spring Fair at the NEC and meeting with other companies that are looking forward to the future. Plus the bouyancy of our sales at what is normally a quiet time for our industry, we made a decision and have purchased a top of the range printer to add to the two we already have.

This increase in capacity will put us in good steady for the 'school rush' which starts in June each year as new school uniforms are purchased.

Once commissioned, the printer will be used for a number of new products, so make sure you join our mailing list, there's a banner at the top of the home page, to keep in contact with our new developments.

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