Why We Make Name Labels For Schoolchildren’s Clothes

It’s quite simple….Experience.

As parents ourselves, and indeed now grandparents, we know just how much it costs to outfit kids during their school careers. Nursery, Primary, Senior School all have to be a new uniform and it gets worse, kids grow and half way through the year it needs to be brought again. Kids are expensive.

Imagine your child coming home without their sweatshirt and not knowing where they’ve left it. You phone the school up and they ask, ‘has he got his name in it?’ If it had they most probably would have found the name tag and said that they had it.

Going back some 50 years, my dear old mum had saved her Co-Op divi and brought a full uniform during the summer for me to go off to senior school. I know it cost more than the dividend but mum made sure I had everything. As it was the Co-Op none of it was basic economy stuff. Mum was proud of me going off to big school and she wanted to feel good too as she packed me off knowing that in her mind I looked a million dollars.

Didn’t lose anything the first day, but the first gym session was where mum and I learnt our lesson over making sure your name was on everything. Following the PE lesson we were sent to the communal shower, not a pretty sight, the class showered went back to our clothes and someone had taken all my PE kit and left some old shorts, socks and top in it’s place. The teachers did not do much, they could not take in that some one would steal a complete new PE kit and leave an old one in it’s place.

Mum was heartbroken, she had brought the best and it was gone and she had no more money to buy more, plus, I had to wear someone else’s old PE kit for the rest of that year that didn’t really fit. Needless to say, all the rest of my school clothes had my name in them by that weekend.

School clothes were name tagged as a matter of course from that day on and indeed they have been for my kids. Sure, kids lose clothes but it’s so easy to make sure you get your kids clothes back if they have their names in them.

When we came across the machine to make our name labels, we instantly knew how useful these products would be. Please check out our sew-on and iron-on labels in our shop.

Chris Moore – Co-Owner clotheslabels.co.uk

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